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Services Page.

Bill of Material Analysis
SDI has the capability of analyzing a customer's Bill of Material in order to provide them with a comprehensive summary which would include pricing, availability, lead-time and alternatives.

Bonded Inventory Program/Obsolescence Services
SDI has a bonded inventory program allowing customers to place blanket purchase orders and release product as required knowing it is in stock and ready to ship upon release. SDI will monitor customer requirements based on forecasts provided to ensure that product is in stock when needed.
For obsolete products, SDI will keep parts in bond for our customers ensuring that they will be able to get parts when needed.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
SDI has the capability to process EDI orders using the following systems: POURS, JIT, and KANBAN.

Consignment Services
SDI can help customers sell their excess inventory that is no longer required. We oversee the logistics of a customer's excess inventory by holding inventory in our warehouse.


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